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Water is the most common substance on Earth. It accompanies us in every moment of our life. Nothing in the world is softer and more flexible than water and yet there is nothing that overcomes rigid and hard like water. Quote:

„There is nothing in the world that is softer and thinner than water. But to conquer hard and rigid, there is nothing like it. That the weak defeats the strong, the hard is subject to the soft, everyone knows it, but nobody acts after that.“

Laotse (probably 6th century BC), actually Laozi, Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism

70% of the earth is covered by water; 96% of it is salt water, 4% fresh water and only 0.4% drinking water!

An adult human consists of approximately 70% water … over 70 trillion cells and over 80,000 km of watery pipes.

We clarify about the properties of water and how to make a „perfect water“ yourself! We also give you the opportunity to experience the effect of perfect water on your own body as part of a free, personal drinking study … Unfortunately, our places are limited … Secure your limited space.

Tasks of water

– regulation of body temperature
– regulation of energy balance
– Metabolism function
– Acid / base household
– information carrier
– nutrient transporter
– supply of cells and tissues
– The most important task, however, is: to lead detoxification and excretion processes in the body

All of this can best be done by water when it is in pure, unsaturated form.

Which parameters and requirements a water should fulfill holistically?

– pure & free of impurities (chlorine, microplastics, germs, medication residues and much more see table)
>> more on this

– natural structure (hexagonal) << more – swirls in both directions as in nature >> more

– cell available (conductivity <below 130µS, ideally below 90 microsiemens) << more

– pH neutral >> more

About iamWater

Holistic consulting on everything to do with water.
We have set ourselves the task of educating people about water and plastic avoidance, nobody should drink from a plastic bottle anymore!

What awaits you in our free water workshops:

– How is the perfect water produced and why is it “perfect”?
– Which brands of water can you still drink without hesitation?
– You get the opportunity to try the „perfect water“ free of charge for 7 days
– Free water test of your drinking water
– Comparison of water costs
– What properties should water have?
– Tasks of water in the body
– Water treatment in comparison
– Risks of plastic and plastic traps, as well as plastic avoidance in everyday life
– How do I best structure my water?
– Interesting water topics and studies
– The osmosis in the body, the fluid exchange between the body cells
– The most important function of water in our body
– and much more

Experience our perfect, cell-available water for 7 days + free of charge on your own body >> here <<

The must-watch documentary: The Secret of Water!

Numerous experiments have shown in an impressive manner how environmental influences leave their mark on the water: everything that happens around the water is recorded, so to speak. Everything that comes into contact with water leaves a trace! After this film you will see water from a completely different perspective and notice that water is not just „water“, there are huge differences …
in our opinion one of the most interesting documentaries.

Highly cell-available water

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